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    現貨 3410-1600-A233F03 溫度傳感器 hydrotechnik HySense RS510系列

    型號 3410-1600-A233F03
    標簽 3410-1600-A233F03 溫度傳感器 hydrotechnik
    價格 3250.00
    運費 德邦快遞:15.00  
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    hydrotechnik  溫度傳感器 原裝進口 3410-1600-A233F03 現貨   

    HySense RS510系列

    The high-precision and dynamic speed sensor HySense? RS 510 de-tects contactless rotating ferromag-netic turbine rotors, gears and simi-lar components and generates a 4 ... 20 mA current output signal.

    This detection is based on the induc-tion laws.

    Using an intelligent concept allows to scale and linearize this output sig-nal already on the sensor side.

    The realization as a 2-wire current loop sensor offers a high immunity to interference combined with the sim-plest connection concept and ex-tends the operating time of battery powered measuring instruments ef-fectively.

    Due to the constructive design, it is a high IP rating achieved, so that an installation is possible in almost any application. This robust design also guarantees a high mechanical dura-bility and completes the product.

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